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My artist practice pays attention to the failure of daily based technology, especially to the mistranslation between digital algorithms and analogue reality. While socio-culture code translates into a digital technology and translates back into the reality, the imperfection of socio-cultural systems embedded in becomes more visible. This brings me a ground to reform the relationship between myself and a value of social rules in a digitized, industrialized society.

Growing up in South Korea, where technology-optimism has rooted due to the fast paced industrialization in the korean modern history, prominent societal value of productivity and functionality were the factors that drew me into themes and ideas concerning - ‘measurement’, ‘ratios’, ‘rules’, ‘language systems’, and ‘functionality’. Such elements consistently draw my interest due to the contradiction that I have - I am attracted to familiarity that those structures possess, but repulsed by the rules that I am given to follow. These are the exterior systems I want to reject, but they also relate to an internal system that exists within me that I pursue to reclaim. My work is an exploration to track down these technological rules and systems that represent the rules and systems that are entangled inside myself and an attempt to reversely play with those rules.